Strike up the string quartet, it’s time for a wedding..



Ever get that feeling when a day just couldn’t be any more perfect? I know these days can be a little few and far between for us all, but thankfully on a wedding day like this, not a single thing could ever dampen such an incredible wedding/Italian themed market setting. The country of Italy holds such a precious place in the hearts of this lovely couple, and when you can’t take your family to Italy, well, let’s try to bring it to Kent. Their attention to detail, and desire to create something as authentic as possible for all their family and friends to enjoy was honestly staggering, and I just knew from the off, that my camera was in for one heck of a treat. From a handmade bar, made by the hands of the groom himself, a permanent pizza oven carefully lifted into place for guests to create their very own delicious piece of Italian magic, all rounded off with live music that’d have even the heaviest of feet tapping. This was a day that not a soul would ever forget, and man oh man, do I feel so lucky to be able to capture it all.






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