Abi & Rich Kent Pre-Wedding

Early morning bliss

Oh man, one of my favourite times to shoot is at the crack of dawn. I just can’t get enough of it…. when the weather is good here in Canterbury/Kent that is, ha! The peace and quiet of a beach without a soul around, just the sound of the waves hitting the pebbly shore, and of course that dreamy light all us photographers friggin’ love so much! It’s soft, bursting with colour, it’s just awesome! And then you quickly realise that the awesome couple who’s pre-wedding you’re set and ready to shoot love the morning air too! Ooooh yes!!! Believe it or not Abi was actually the bridesmaid at an amazing wedding way back in 2016. So it’s very cool to finally be able to tell their awesome wedding story, and the Christmas plans they’re putting in place for later this year are just going to blow your mind!

Both Abi & Rich had actually warned me before hand that they weren’t comfortable with being photographed at all…. I still don’t believe them, haha! Belly laughs, time with your love and ending with steaming hot chocolate while watching the waves. Now that’s a pretty good morning! 



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