Charlotte & Adam Ashford Wedding

Barn dances, spring blossom and a crazy amount of lovin’


There are some wedding days as a photographer which totally go your way… I mean there are obviously some that are a bit more of a challenge which is sometimes half the fun… poor light, hard to find guests, that kinda thing. But then there are weddings that just kind of have you a little lost for words. This my friend, was one of those very weddings. A warm spring day but with a little haze to soften the light down a little, cherry blossom screaming for attention around every corner, and this awesome couple!! Totally bowled over by the incredible commitment they just made to one another, and the added bonus that they were totally game for going on a mini adventure to explore one of their favourite spots in Kent after their ceremony too, woohoo! And I’m sure you’ll agree, with views like this…. how on earth could we not, ha!? Round all that off with a garden party themed wedding reception at one of the coolest wedding venues (The Secret Garden), and there you have one pretty damn epic wedding celebration!! Wow!! 


A massive congratulations guys!!!



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So beautiful! Congratulations Charlotte & Adam!!!


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