Emma & Luke wooded Canterbury Pre-wedding

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” John Muir


Oh my word… if we can just talk about dream locations and a dream couple for a pre-wedding shoot then I think we’re about to totally hit the nail on the head… with a big fat hammer! Haha! As you probably already know from looking at my work, you know I absolutely love the outdoors, and when the light was this soft just before the harsh summer light hit, well it was just pure perfection! And after knowing what kind of look they were after, I knew exactly where to look around my home town of Canterbury in Kent.


Getting the couple nice and relaxed, and feeling super comfy with having a camera around before the big day day is the big reason I do these pre-wedding shoots, and my word does it pay off, seriously! But after having a look at these shots, can you believe that Emma and Luke were both a pretty nervous about having their picture taken. I know, when I first clicked the shutter button I couldn’t believe it either. These guys were just so much fun to hang out with, and almost immediately felt so comfy fooling around and being totally themselves even with a camera around…. My work here is done 😉



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