Vintage Hayne House Wedding – Taz & Amy

Sweet Doctor

Two doctors and one epic wedding adventure!

Believe it or not, these two awesome people actually first met on a hospital ward during their training and since that moment…well, you get the picture. Being based in good ol’ London, Taz & Amy didn’t want to feel tied down to keeping their celebrations locked in the capitol, so after a hefty amount of searching they thought about venturing down to the sunny coast of Kent. Knowing, that their closest friends and family would happily follow them wherever they chose. And there they found their dream spot, Hayne House, just a short hop from the coast, and with its gorgeous lawns for their epic ceremony, close friends plucking on the guitar for the walk down the aisle, and the venue surrounded by orchards to escape to for their portraits with a few beers, this day was always going to be nothing but perfect!

I mean as you probably know by now, getting to know my couples super well is one of the biggest things for me. Not just on a superficial level, but knowing really what makes them tick. And my word, from the off, I knew I had made two new awesome friends here, which as you can probably guess, makes having their pictures taken and getting them comfy in front of the camera (with the help of a tote of early morning rum…. not my idea), just a piece of cake. So I definitely found it pretty hard to believe when Amy told me they were originally pretty nervy in front of the camera, ha! 

Man, there are so many awesome highlights from their Hayne House wedding day that had us beaming, but I’ve got to leave you with a few; Naming the tables after countries they wanted to visit, and surprising the guests with a quiz, for the winning table’s country to be their honeymoon spot. Or walking down the aisle to Hysteric by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs! I could go on, but all in all, these two ultimately knew exactly what to do to make the day feel like it was truly theirs, and wow, it was just a blast to photograph!! 



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