Highland Wedding Adventure – Jemma & Alex

“Born to be wild”


Do you ever get that feeling when you’ve just experienced something ridiculously awesome that you just kinda want to climb to the nearest (imaginary) mountain top to shout about it… and shout loud!? Well, because we’re kinda lacking gigantic mountain tops around here, running to the blog and social media to shout about it is the closest I can get, haha! But really, never in a million years did I think I’d be lucky enough to tell the unbelievable highland wedding adventure of Jemma & Alex in the middle of the majestic Scottish highlands. Bathed in glorious late summer sunshine (which is pretty rare for Scotland) and with just the very closest of their family and friends to celebrate it with them, we were being treated with something a little special. I mean really, let me just paint a little picture; the back garden looking over a gorgeous loch set before rolling hills, red squirrels scurrying around as I photograph, could it really get any better? Ok, I’ll stop waffling on about it and let the pictures do a little more of the talking. But finding a location they both loved certainly took a fair bit of hunting, taking them from one side of the British Isles to the other but after a hefty amount of Googling to find their perfect adventure location, they were set and ready to go!

Believe it or not, these two lovely souls actually grew up in totally different parts of the world, Jemma, from the oh-so warm South Africa, and Alex from here in the slightly cooler UK and that is where their lovely story together began, over the desks of their office they both once shared. And with their location pinned, family and friends were going to be flying in from all over the world to meet for their highland wedding adventure, creating one totally unforgettable atmosphere! Put it this way, this wedding is not going to be forgotten for a long LONG time!! Jemma, Alex, an unbelievably huge congrats and THANK YOU for wanting me to be part of it all!!



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