Abi & Rich Kent Coast Winter wedding

Coastal Lovin’ 


Winter was hitting pretty damn hard. Not in the snowy and dull grey kinda way, but thankfully in a clear blue skies and some kind of arctic wind kinda way. And my word, did it feel like we had totally lucked out. With Abi & Rich currently living literally seconds away from the Kent coast, they’d chosen a little village church. A church where Abi’s family have been regulars for generations, and to see everyone coming together, and literally running into the church out of the so called artic wind was quite the sight! All with smiles from ear to ear, eager to see these two warm souls get married. Church bells ringing, organ firing, guests frantically clapping, and before we knew it, they were now husband and wife, woop!

Being so close to the coast was a major win on so many levels, firstly and most importantly, because it’s a spot where they both love to hang out on a regular basis; climbing the boulders, skimming stones and sipping hot chocolate to the soundtrack of waves, yeah it’s pretty idyllic. But it also meant that we could head straight for the beach in all of its sunny glory to capture their wedding day portraits. Actually, in the very same spot we did their pre-wedding shoot. And after spending a little time both soaking in the sun, and of course, the amazing commitment they’d just made, it was time to head onto the Blue Pigeons venue where their guests were ready and waiting for them to party!

What an amazing winter celebration these two put together, with a truly unforgettable atmosphere! Nothing but laughter, mouth watering food, and a heck load of crazy dancing. These guys know how to celebrate!!

Congratulations Abi & Rich!! 

Venue: Blue Pigeons

Church: Ringwould Church



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