Botany Bay Pre-wedding – Nema & Jon

Botany Bay Bliss  

Being a Canterbury Wedding Photographer really does have its perks. And they’re perks that a ton of people often forget. Because as well as having one awesome ancient city to photograph in and around, there are also some of the best shorelines just a super short drive away. And when caught at just the right time, you can literally find yourself all alone, with a whole strip of coastline to yourself… awesome huh!?

So with the awesome Nema & Jonathan pretty much set and ready for their incredible Canterbury wedding at The Night Yard in just over a months time, they not only wanted to escape their home city of London, to make it a spring Botany Bay pre-wedding shoot, they also wanted their little ones to join us to make it a half pre-wedding/half family shoot. Because lets face it, the kids are on this epic adventure too, and what could be more exciting for them than watching their Mum & Dad getting crazy excited for their very own wedding day!? And my word, what an absolute blast they all had from start to finish. I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a family laugh quite so much, which as you can imagine, is a photographers dream! But also to add to that, the spring weather can be a little touch and go over here at the best of times, so rocking up to bright sun rays lighting up the cliffs chalk face, along with that wonderfully nostalgic sound we all love, of waves rolling gently up the beach, it had all of us jumping at the chance to sprint on to the beach and get totally lost in the moment, and oh boy, we did just that.

It’s safe to say that Botany Bay pre-wedding shoots are definitely the way to go, and a perfect way to start the epic final countdown to Nema & Jonathans epic outdoor Kent wedding with the closest of their family and friends. This is going to be one heck of a celebration!



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