Rustic Italian Wedding – Lizzy & Gregg



From the very moment the email popped into my email inbox early last year with Italian wedding typed out in bold, I’m sure the heart skipped a beat. And then another huge beat when reading about the story of Lizzy & Gregg, their loves and how they wanted to celebrate such an incredible moment in such a unique way; With their closest of friends and family, surrounded by unbelievably awesome food and wine amongst the wispy Olive groves of Umbria at Casa Bruciata. Quite literally the perfect backdrop! Their story has taken them from first finding one another all those years ago, to buying a place they so happily call home, and creating a beautiful little human along the way, to agreeing that now felt like the perfect time to wrap it all up with a celebration like no other.

When I first think of an Italian wedding, my mind automatically races to tight side streets, set amongst the hustle and bustle of Italian life. Don’t get me wrong, that is equally as incredible, but what Lizzy & Gregg had gone for at Casa Bruciata, was a wonderfully peaceful setting located right up in the hills of Umbria (right next to Tuscany), amongst the windy hillside roads, and the peace & quiet of just their guests laughing and enjoying life alongside the nearby sounds coming from the surrounding woodland, vineyards and Olive Groves, this spot was something truly special. But as you can probably also guess, a location that had my finger quite literally stuck to my cameras shutter button, ha! Especially with the decor set out in a wonderfully minimalist yet tastefully rustic way, letting the venues traditional Italian interior (along with those unforgettable views) do all the talking.

Getting to really know Lizzy & Gregg for the last year, and capturing such a beautifully unique moment for them both, truly has hit me, reminding me how unbelievably lucky I am to be in this position of being part of such awesome stories! Such wonderful new friends, such jaw dropping locations, and of course (on this occasion), lots and lots of tasty pasta, ha!

A huge congratulations Lizzy & Gregg, here’s to one beautiful future together, and a memory worth reminiscing over again and again! 



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