The Old Kent Barn Wedding – Kate & Craig

Spring blooming

Each and every time a new enquiry hits my inbox it brings with it a pretty indescribable level of excitement. So when an enquiry hit my inbox way back in August of 2017, and with Kate describing her perfect barn wedding taking place at the very start of spring, with all those gorgeous flowers blooming, and general spring goodness, well, I couldn’t wait to get snapping!!

Kate & Craigs story all started with a chance meeting on a late night Rochester high street, and Craig locking eyes with Kate, only to say whisper to himself “she’s the one”. A pretty damn good start to a story I’m sure you’ll agree.  It’s just always great hearing so many different stories about two souls who it almost seems were just destined to cross paths and find one another. So as you can probably tell, getting to know these two for a few years now, and seeing just how strong of a couple they’ve become, makes telling that oh-so awesome wedding celebration that bit more special. And wow, did they want this to be one epic celebration! 

With the getting ready for them both taking place at The Old Kent Barn where the reception was to be held, and with the early morning dew slowly dripping off the flowers outside, it litereally felt like the scene was set and the excitement well and truly building. And just a short drive away in a church located in the little Kent village of Elham, their guests waited excitingly, and with its own story unfolding. With the Organist going MIA, one of their guests who happened to be a terrific pianist stepped up to the plate on the church’s piano and played the specific piece of music seamlessly. Quick side note; this awesome guest hadn’t played this piece of music since being 7 years old, crazy! But it’s safe to say, those are some of the best memories to take away. And from a day that had everything you could have hoped for; from brilliant spring sun, along with some of the most gorgeous countryside around their barn wedding which we obviously took full advantage of (see portraits), and the most lovely crowd of family and friends, all present to celebrate these two souls finding one another. This was certainly a day they won’t ever forget!

Kate & Craig, I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun it’s been being part of your wedding journey. From a pre-wedding photoshoot getting you comfy in front of the camera amongst the bluebells of 2018, building up to the big day itself, it’s been incredible. And my word, do you deserve a lifetime of happiness together! Congrats!!


Venue; The Old Kent Barn

Flowers: Enchanted Floristry



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Peter I’m not sure I’ve seen this blog post until today and being our anniversary what a lovely time to find it and read your highlights of our special day! The day flew by so so fast, but you captured all the little details and moments to help us remember it just perfectly! Thank youuuu, Kate


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