Reach Court Farm – Rebecca & Cameron

Sunshine & Spitfires

Hanging out around the coast of Kent is always one of the best parts of this neck of the woods. The gorgeous white cliffs, the rolling fields leading to the sea, and the constant passing of Spitfires, which for pretty much any Brit results in a finger pointing to the sky with a colossal grin… or is that just me? But when you throw an epic international wedding story into the mix, well, it’s pretty damn special! I was actually lucky enough to meet these two while photographing another of Rebeccas friends back in 2016, and since then, through a mutual love of photography, have been lucky enough to watch their amazing story unfold.

Rebecca & Cameron both grew up in the little Kentish port town of Deal, and even though they actually both only lived a stones throw away from each other, didn’t meet each other until way down the line. And from there, their story takes a truly international turn. Cameron shortly got the nod that his work was going to be giving him the amazing opportunity to work on the other side of the globe, in the incredible country of New Zealand. And so they agreed to both pack their bags, say goodbye to family, and from there, in their new home is where the story truly flourishes!! Being away from their family and friends is incredibly tough, so after overcoming this hurdle together, it was super important for them both to hold their epic wedding day back on the shores where it all began. Surrounded by the most special people, all desperate to celebrate these two, but also bringing with them elements of their new home which they’ve truly taken to their hearts (and I totally know why, it’s amazing!). From learning a little Maori, to bringing new friends with them over from NZ, it truly had an international flavour which is going to be unforgettable!

To host their wedding day, which subsequently fell on one of the hottest days of the year, they had chosen the stunning Reach Court Farm. Perfectly nestled amongst the rolling fields on the coast of Kent, with it’s lovely amphitheatre like courtyard where all their guests from near and far spent the afternoon laughing, celebrating, enjoying the sunshine and getting ready to party hard long into the night. With everything Rebecca & Cameron put in place, alongside Reach Court Farm, there really couldn’t have been a better setting to celebrate such a special moment for these two!!

Kia Ora and congratulations guys!!! 





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