Oxford wedding – Issy & Mike

That botanical feeling


Oxford is one of those super historic cities here in Britain that screams amazing architecture, bustling streets and quirky nooks. So when Issy and Mike first told me the plans for their Oxford wedding, and how Issy’s family home was just round the corner from one of the Universities stunning colleges, complete with it’s own private garden aaaand observatory, I mean come on, how can you not get super excited about that!?

The day began at Issy’s family home, with her bridesmaids around her, all getting super excited to watch their good friend, tie the knot. While Mike and his impressive amount of groomsman were walking the streets close to the college to find an appropriate bar open that early in the morning, where they could finish off their details while joining their family for “an early one”. Both wedding parties located super close to the impressive St Giles church where those all-important I’do’s were to took place. And after a walk down possibly the longest/most epic confetti tunnel I have ever known, they hit the high street for a short walk with over a hundred friends and family to the college. And what a sight…. even hearing Issy muttering the words, “Wow, I didn’t realise we knew so many people” haha!

What awaited the wedding party was most definitely an oasis amongst the busy city streets. A hidden garden bursting with late blooming flowers, vegetable patches and one of Britains oldest observatories (which we got to shoot in, how cool!?). And Issy and Mike wanted to make the best use of this space as possible. So chose to use a marquee on the lawn, filling the space with a gorgeous botanical feel. Each table lined with foliage helping it almost feel like an extension of the garden itself. What went with it, was an atmosphere that was everything they were after. An incredibly relaxed feel-good vibe, with the late summer sun as company. Just pretty damn perfect!!

Photographing these two and their story has truly been something else. Getting them comfy in front of the camera on their pre-wedding shoot in the gardens of Greenwich Park to seeing those happy faces celebrating with their family and friends on the streets of Oxford. A wedding adventure I’m over the moon to have been a part of, and it has to be said an Oxford wedding is the way to go… I just wish it could be a yearly thing, ha! 

Congratulations Issy & Mike!!! 



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