Botany Bay Pre-wedding – Daisy & Alex

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There are so many different aspects to a wedding adventure, it’s pretty unreal! Some of which can get lost and a bit forgotten, and others which always tend to take pride of place at the forefront of a couples mind. What kind of style/decor are we going to go for, what’s kind of dress/suits are we thinking of, who do we want to come? Literally, there are so many different thoughts going around your head, that in the build up to the day itself, it’s not surprising that you actually kinda forget to switch off from it all…

One of the HUGE reasons I love pre-wedding shoots is to do just this. Let your hair down, take a break from the hustle and enjoy some time together. But also, when booking a photographer, it’s not surprising that when a couple see that my packages come with a pre-wedding shoot, it’s just a chance to get some cool natural pictures of themselves in an awesome setting (e.g.Botany Bay). I mean that’s definitely one, but it’s sooooo much more than that. The final pre-wedding pictures are kinda just an added bonus when you look a bit deeper.

When I first put my packages together, and after looking at a lot of other couples images, I kinda saw that there was always a bit of a forced look to the actual wedding day pictures with the couple. Like, was this the first ever time in front of the camera together? And it kinda hit me like a ton of bricks, that it actually probably was. Nobody is really going to comfortably be themselves in front of the camera when they’re not used to it, right? So poof… I started including them and honestly, the pictures take care of themselves. I mean obviously there are a ton of tricks and tips given a long the way to help, but there really is nothing better than getting a couple to take a time-out from the busy world, and totally connect with each other. It’s all about trying things, some things do work perfectly, some things not so much (so they don’t get used on the wedding day), but ultimately, it’s a beautiful thing getting to know the couple inside out. They’re super comfy with me, but also, I can see what kind of directions work best for them as every single couple is totally different. So when the wedding day comes around, it’s a total breeze and the couple cannot wait to have their pictures taken. It’s awesome! 

So a wicked example of this working like a dream was after hanging out with the lovely Daisy & Alex on a softly lit Botany Bay, which is always just an insane setting!! Both were a little nervous about having their pictures taken for the first time, but watching those nerves quickly fall away and be their hilarious selves with each other was literally the best thing to watch! Dancing on the edges of the incoming tide, and wrapping each other up so tightly from that biting winter breeze, but all in the backdrop of a slowly setting sun. I mean, there really isn’t a better way to spend an evening.

Daisy & Alex, thank you so much for being such a blast to hang out with!! Just 7 months to go, and then we get to do it all again at the gorgeous Ravenswood, woop!!! 

Final note, just incase you hadn’t caught on, pre-weddings rock, haha!



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