Happy Couples

His photographs speak for themselves! But what you can’t see is how wonderful Peter is behind the scenes. He was the most organized of all the vendors we worked with for our wedding (and more organized than we were!) This meant a Skype consultation beforehand to discuss all aspects of the wedding and working together to create a precise schedule for the portraits and other photos on the day of. He was such a calming presence, and his careful organizational process leading up to the wedding made us feel well-prepared and at ease.

In addition, Peter’s demeanor behind the camera made us feel very comfortable. Everything felt incredibly natural, because he gave us a series of actions for the shots that allowed us to move and interact like we normally do as a couple. No awkward staged poses here! Most of all, Peter’s continual positive reinforcement quelled any nervousness we felt, and allowed us to best express what we felt for one another on camera. We are beyond grateful to Peter for his artistry, and his gorgeous photos of our wedding, which will help us relive the magic of our special day every time we look at them.

- Erica & Mackenzie

Where do we even begin ...
Having spent weeks researching photographers we were beginning to think we wouldn't ever find the right fit for our wedding, but we were oh so wrong! We first met Peter at a small tea room in Bridge near our venue the summer before our wedding and it took us precisely 10mins after the meeting to contact him and confirm he was our man!

From that point on, we were in constant contact with Peter about our developing wedding plans and far from being 'just' our wedding photographer, he became our counselor and friend. He has a knack of knowing when to check in and make sure things are ok. Peter seemed genuinely as excited as were were about our big day and, in hindsight, being able to confide all our plans to someone and get the reassurance that things would be fabulous in the end was just invaluable (especially considering we didn't have a bridal party!). He made sure we stayed focused on the big picture and not the everyday 'wedmin' details. We've never heard of a photographer making mix-tapes for his clients and sending them date night packages to make sure they take some time out for eachother as a couple!

Peter's photography style completely suited our relaxed, informal farm fete style wedding. He is a self-confessed details man and captured all our personal touches perfectly. Peter blends in with wedding guests with such ease that you really do forget he is there sometimes! We didn't want big formal group shots and endless 'just one more' moments. We wanted a fun and beautiful record of our day - Peter certainly gave us that and went above and beyond to make sure that we would never forget what an awesome day we had.

We have looked through our wedding photos so many times and have sent a lot of them out to our guests as a momento of what will forever be one of the best days of our lives. So many of our guests wanted to know how we had found Peter to book him themselves and lots assumed he was an old friend from our Canterbury university days! We really do feel that having Peter be our wedding photographer was one of the best decisions we made and wouldn't hesitate for a single second to recommend him to others.

- Maeve & Chris

From the very first moment that we spoke to wonderful Peter, it was his genuine and boundless warmth, passion and excitement for everything that was to come for us that struck us both. He has become a friend and has made a mark on our lives that we will never forget.

Meeting him for our early-morning pre-wedding/ engagement shoot confirmed his energy, insight and care, not only for achieving perfect photography, but for making us feel at ease, straight away, and for helping guide us through the entire wedding preparation process. We met at dawn along the banks of Hythe Canal and Peter skilfully worked to capture us as we jumped, ran, laughed and cuddled, and the photos we now cherish as a result are nothing short of INCREDIBLE.

Receiving Peter’s kind gifts in the post leading up to our wedding, along with his words of wisdom, were encouraging and helped maintain a feeling of excitement when things seemed a little overwhelming, or hectic. He reminded us to spend some quality time together and to reflect on the process throughout.

On the big day, it was genuinely reassuring to have Peter there to help calm us down and to remind us to take little moments to absorb everything that was happening around us. He arrived, early morning, and began snapping straight away in order to capture all of our magic moments. Throughout the day, our guests commented upon how discreet and professional he was and how brilliant it was to have his wife, Lindsay, shoot alongside him as a second photographer.

We adore our collection of wedding photography which we received mid-honeymoon and have not stopped looking through the images since. Peter and his wife managed to capture our special day and the raw emotion of each event, even those we missed, so brilliantly and we cannot thank them enough for their dedication, inspiration and talent. It was an honour and a privilege and we would strongly recommend their services.

- Matthew & George

From day one I knew we had made the right decision getting in contact with Peter! He was just so enthusiastic about our wedding and his true love for his job really came through! We never felt like ‘just another one if his many clients’, we always felt like his main priority. When we met up for the pre-wedding shoot we were nervous of course, but honestly, within minutes it just felt like we were meeting up with an old friend we hadn’t seen in ages! This instantly put us at ease, which very much comes across in the pictures! He just has such a natural eye for what’s going to work regardless of the weather or setting! This meant I could breathe easy for the wedding day, knowing it was one less thing to worry about!

- Emma & Luke

My partner and I got engaged whilst living in New Zealand and I started enquiring about photographers thinking that we’d get a rough idea and decide when we moved back to the UK in a few months time. But as soon as we started receiving emails from Peter we knew he was the right choice for us. His passion and enthusiasm shone through right from the very start, setting him apart from all other photographers. We skyped him whilst still abroad and felt so comfortable and at ease we booked him without even meeting him!

At every step of our wedding planning journey Peter has been there offering support and some amazing treats. Peter gave us an awesome pre-wedding shoot, making us feel so at ease in front of the camera that we laughed until we cried and we took away some beautiful photos. He has been a great friend to us, giving some great advice and suggestions for the big day. It was so lovely to have someone reassuring us and telling us how amazing our big day was going to be.

The actual wedding went by so quickly, which is why it was so important for us to have some special photos so that we could relive the day with our friends and family. Peter’s photos are incredible! His natural style suited our laid back English country garden theme perfectly and all the pictures really capture the day and tell our story. He blended in with our guests so well and captured moments we hadn’t even registered had happened. We would totally recommend Peter; he is amazing!!

- Lucy & Will

So it’s review time, and this is tough because do words even exist that could adequately describe Peter’s work? It’s unlikely, but we will give it a shot.

So when we began planning, the now Husband and I were keen on keeping those costs low, but agreed that, being our wedding day, we could pick one thing each that we wouldn’t question costs with. Husband picked hog roast (why wouldn’t you, it’s amazing) and I picked Peter!

Photographers are a huge expense, but I won’t rant as to why that is (they deserve it all, trust me), I’ll just say, photos are the one thing that you take from that day which does not get overlooked or forgotten about. Your photographs are your memories, it’s what you show off, hang on the wall and post on all social media accounts - they are worth the investment.

Why Peter, well, all my recollections of weddings I’ve attended have the awkward thirty minutes of; “okay, stand here, smile, now the next group shot”. Meaning achey jaws, awkward, staged photos, with irritable guests, because we all just want to start the food, mingling and drinking! The photos just aren’t REAL. Plus, who actually enjoys having their photo taken?!

Peters work and work ethic is exceptional, he has emailed regularly throughout the planning, even helping find a venue when our first choice fell through! He’s always on hand to offer his knowledge and advice, and to remind you to be kind to yourself! A couple of weeks before the wedding, he even sent a date night pack to pick a movie, with some popcorn! (Ps, tip, the earlier you book, the more Christmas presents he sends you).
I think the thing that separates Peter from the rest has to be his very evident love for his work, and it’s something that is demonstrated in every single photo!

You’ll see a lot of reviews referring to Peter as a friend, not just their photographer - and it’s all true! I’m not entirely sure how he does it, but from the moment you send that welcome message, he’s invested, he’s in and he’s there! He cares and that’s so important as your wedding day only happens once (hopefully, that’s the goal, right!)

I know I haven’t actually spoken much about the photos, but is there any need, it’s why you’re here reading this isn’t it? You can see for yourself his work is exceptional. After receiving our photos, he asked us if we had any favourites (yes, you’re stuck with him after the wedding too, I wasn’t lying about making a friend for life!). We don’t, how can we, every single image is so naturally taken, raw, straight up capturing the emotion of that exact moment. We couldn’t pick a photo, because they aren’t photos, every image is a little emotional time-warp!

Peters work is exactly what we envisioned, natural grabs of the day that truly captured the emotion, story and essence of that moment in time, and that’s exactly what we wanted.

To say we are ecstatic with our photos would do Peter & Lindsay an injustice, but I hope that my rambling has captured at least some of the reasons that you shouldn’t hesitate and book!

- Danni & Rob

Where to start?!!!..... Just WOW would be a good place though!!

We first met peter about 3 years ago when we 1st started planning our wedding and straight away we knew we wanted him to capture our special day. During the wedding planning process my now husband and I fell pregnant with our son so wedding plans were put on hold. When we came round to replanning our wedding 18 months ago I knew straight away that we wanted Peter as our photographer, I didn’t even contemplate looking elsewhere for another photographer as we’d only have been disappointed and I’m so glad I trusted my instincts.

We met Peter in a cafe in Canterbury and straight away we knew that he totally “got” what we wanted from our day! I was worried that as we were having a more intimate wedding our guests would be left feeling intimidated by a photographer snapping their every move, i needn’t have worried, Peter blended into the background so professionally that everyone was able to just enjoy the day without feeling watched and we got the most incredible natural shots, just what we wanted and so much more!

I really can’t recommend Peter enough, from the small personal touches he sent in the post throughout the lead up to our wedding, to the most incredible pre-wedding shoot which put us both at ease in front of the camera and literally had us belly laughing, to the wedding day itself - just perfect! We have been left with the most spectacular photos, it feels like every laugh, special moment and the most important people to us were captured in his photos, those that we will cherish forever!!

Peter is the most professional, friendly, down to earth person you could meet, we’ve been left feeling like we not only met a great photographer but a friend as well and I will recommend Peter wholeheartedly to anyone looking for someone to capture their special day, you will not be disappointed - Peter you rock!!!!

- Gemma & Andy