Canterbury autumn pre-wedding – Laura & Pete

Autumn was made for woodland walks

Heading on walks and fooling around in the woods around the city of Canterbury just has to be one of those things on the autumn must-do list. So when the lovely Laura and Pete were thinking of ideas as a possible spot to capture the very start of their wedding adventure, it wasn’t hard to think of the perfect spot. Golden leaves as far as the eye can see, muddy tracks to explore and not a soul in sight. Perfection!! 

Laura and Pete are actually right in the middle of prepping for their incredible wedding day next year, and my word, what a treat they’ve got in the works at Hayne House wedding venue; I mean firstly, Laura is a gardener by trade, so her eye for detail is just incredible. But they’ve also chosen to have it all in the heart of spring, with everything beginning to bloom. I swear being a photographer, you quite literally get obcessed with the different wedding seasons, ha!! They all have so many of their own cool characteristics and are totally different to shoot in, keeping everything super fresh for sure. But I have to say, autumn of 2019 has been a cracker!! 

There are so many awesome things about pre-wedding shoots. Not only getting to hang with such cool couples and have a total blast (my fave!), but, it’s the getting them comfy in front of the camera which is the main aim. And honestly, this shoot was a perfect example of just that. These were going to be their very first non-selfie photos they’ve had taken, and admitted feeling a few of those nerves as we walked off into the woods, which is totally normal. But after using a few photography tricks and mapping the shoot in a particular way that I thought would suit them, those nerves literally disappeared in seconds. To say these guys are a joy to photograph is the understatement of the year, and something I could just do again and again!!

Roll on 2020!! 



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