Marleybrook House Wedding – Matthew & George

There’s always time for a funfair!

Telling Matthew & Georges story over this past year has quite honestly been out of this world!! From the moment they told me of their plans, and that they’d chosen the gorgeous Marleybrook House as their venue location, I honestly couldn’t have thought of a spot that matched their personalities any better! Outgoing, super friendly and just all out great guys who know how to have one heck of a good time! So when I tell you that their awesome day included a full on funfair, outdoor ceremony in the summer sun and one talented bunch creating the florals and decor, well you can see what I mean. And my word, it didn’t disappoint! I mean how many weddings do you go to as a photographer, and literally get forced onto the dodgems, ha!!

The real behind the scenes master however, was George himself. Wanting to create a wedding day that would be a total surprise for Matthew. From the incredible decoration choices, the layout of the day, even to the deluge of confetti. George had literally thought of it all. So to see Matthew have the same utterly stunned, jaw dropped look, similar to all the guests, well it was just bloody fantastic, there really is no other way to put it.

With their story taking them from the south coast of Kent to the big smoke (London), where they’re now currently thriving. We wanted to make sure that that earlier element of their story was told properly to, so we chose an early spring time morning on the gorgeous Hythe Canal where they love to hangout when back in Kent, and from the moment I took the very first picture, I knew getting them comfy in front of the camera wasn’t going to take long at all; infectious laughs, eager to adventure and ultimately desperate to have a one heck of a time! Matthew and George are two people I so wish I could introduce you to, and being able to be part of their wedding adventure at Marleybrook House has been something I’ll never forget!

A huge congratulations guys, you deserved it!



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