The Gardens, Yalding – Danni & Rob

Winter shining

Some days are just meant to happen!! And my word, this was one of those days. A day we’d all been counting down to for such a long time (seriously, Danni actually booked me up quite a few years ago… one of the biggest compliments going), and with all the hard work Danni & Rob had been pouring into the setup at The Gardens, nobody could believe their eyes when looking at the weather forecast to possibly have everything out of their control thrown at them within the last few days of the build up. Yep, two epic storms passed through the UK almost totally cutting off the location where the venue was. But did this stop anyone… not a chance!! Cars basically swam through newly formed road rivers, and umbrellas of all colours were thrown up. Nothing was going to stop this epic celebration! And what a wedding story it was to tell!

Danni & Rob really wanted a wedding day which was just going to be bursting with fun, epic music (of the Elton variety), sparklers and awesome friends. They got it all! The venue itself, and one of the sole reasons Danni chose it, was for the gorgeous tipi as part of the venue, blending perfectly into the gardens. And with the wind smashing into it from the outside, once inside, your jaw could very well be susceptible to dropping (and hitting the floor). Complete with two of its very own fire pits warming you up, flowers hanging from the tipis top, and the gorgeous decor Danni had envisioned for years; Flowers and foliage spilling out of old glass jars set on old wooden slices, every table layout looked utterly incredible and alongside the gardens, a perfect backdrop! What a lovely story to tell for these guys! If this is how the weddings are going to be this year, then I am going to be one happy guy (understatement of the year)!! 

Congratulations Danni & Rob!! 



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