Ferry House Inn Wedding – Jessica & Steve

Sunset celebrating!


What a wedding journey Jessica & Steve have been on together! From a wedding date that was originally in the heart of November was bought forward to the beginning of the year due to both sadly having family members struggling with different illnesses. It made it all the more important for everyone to pull together, jiggle dates around and give these two the day they seriously deserved! And my word did they get that! They always knew the spot; the Ferry House Inn located miles away from anyone in the Kent countryside, and nestled right along side the sea (I mean, what better!?). But the real wow factor was their wedding day falling right in-between two days of pretty hefty storms, giving us one solitary awesome day of calm skies and epic sunsets. Seriously you couldn’t have written it any better. 🙂

Jessica had grown up with farming being a key part of her life; the silent hum of tractors, that pure love for the countryside and wellies, and always wanted aspects of that past life incorporated into the day, and yep, this included the Ferry House Inn providing their own vintage working tractor to help Jessica feel right at home. But the decor also helped the day have that real country pub cosiness we all love, complete with roaring fires, along side a real rustic wintery touch, just how they wanted their wedding day to feel, and too be honest something I just adore photographing!  

I’m literally over the moon for these two!! With a much needed change of date, they both still managed to create the day they’d dreamed of from the very beginning. From epic amounts of confetti being thrown alongside happy cheers, lighting up sparklers, portraits under one of the best sunsets we’ve had all winter, but most importantly, enjoying much needed time with the people they love the most!

Jessica & Steve, thank you so much for letting me be a part of it all! It’s been so much fun!  




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