Ramsgate Seaside Wedding – Forest & Zak

Two I do’s and the sand between your toes..

We find ourselves in the heart of 2020, and what should be a summer crammed with so many unbelievable wedding stories to capture, but with the proverbial spanner being lobbed in the works with the infamous Covid-19, weddings pretty much all round have had to be postponed until the following year or beyond. Truly one of the strangest things to experience, especially when so much energy and effort has been put into the planning to this point. And that’s just the situation Forest and Zak found themselves. Being hit with the news that their plans of hosting their gorgeous wedding day under the canopy of a private wood had to be pushed until 2021 is one heck of a pill to swallow….

So, with ceremony restrictions at no more than 5 people during lockdown and when you simply cannot wait to get married to your best friend, you dig out plan B, not wait, C, and as always, it’s even better than you ever imagined. And with a beautifully intimate ceremony at the Ramsgate registry office, they wanted to make sure this chapter of their epic wedding adventure was captured too; The confetti being thrown, the crazy big smiles on the faces of their closest family & friends, followed by that wonderful feeling of the sand between your toes on Ramsgate beach followed by a Fish & Chips lunch all round.

Seeing these two blown away by the outpouring of support, and absolutely loving life becoming the new Mr & Mrs Tozer without a doubt makes it as a highlight of the year. With every possible barrier thrown at them, they still managed to arrange, not necessarily the day they had in mind, but one heck of a beautiful Ramsgate Wedding celebration to kickstart the rest of their lives together. After all, the silver lining is that when you really strip things back, you can truly concentrate on the core reasons why you’re making such a beautiful commitment to one another.. the real stuff!

Oh and the extra good news, is that we get to do it all again next year to really celebrate it. Ohhh yeahhh!!


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