Wild Meadow Pre-wedding – Forest & Zak

Dance to the sway of the meadow grass

Well this is incredibly exciting! The blog posts are back!! And now that the new website is live and kicking, and seeing as how we’re still stuck in some covid related restrictions meaning weddings are being postponed left and right, I can begin sharing so many of the incredible pre-wedding stories I’ve been lucky enough to tell while all this craziness is unfolding. It’s been such a weird period hasn’t it!? Full of uncertainty, lockdowns.. you name it. But being able to socially distance and still tell such amazing blasts of happiness has been beyond a life saver, and something that’s helped keep the inspiration and creativity so alive! 

So let me paint the picture for you, and my word this is something I’ll never ever get tired of. A totally secluded hidden meadow just outside the Kentish town of Ashford. The super early morning sun just peeking over the nearby hills creating a setting which honestly had my jaw totally hanging. A meadow pre-wedding is one thing but this, was truly just something else. Hands brushing gently on the tops of the wild grass, these two beautiful souls loving and life and each other, and the sounds of their lovely pup Milo racing through the tall grass in a world of his own, ha!

These two are so unbelievably connected with the great outdoors. From growing so much of their own produce, and exploring where and whenever they can. So much so that a meadow pre-wedding felt like it told the perfect start to their wedding adventure, and yeah ok, their big wedding celebration (when it can finally happen) has been pushed back a year, but what these guys have in store amongst the trees of a private woodland setting celebrating their story is just going to blow us all away, just watch this space! 



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