Canterbury Sunset Pre-wedding – Lauren & Danny

When the sun goes down, it’s time for magic.

Those long evenings with a golden summer sun slowly setting are a tough one to beat any day of the week, but when you’re able to work with it in telling the awesome story of Lauren & Danny, well it kinda blows the mind! That stillness of a wild grass meadow, awesome views over Goodnestone Park and just the soundtrack of random pheasants and this awesome pair, is one heck of a combo!

The pre-wedding shoots are such a total game changer, and my word, I wouldn’t stop doing them for anything. The goal, and the main reason why I’ve always done them, is to work at getting the awesome couple feeling unbelievably comfy, not only in front of the camera but with the three of us hanging out. Because once that level of comfort comes in, the couple literally open up, helping them be themselves in front of the camera, but also letting that sometimes slightly hidden level of intimacy come through, and then, my word, the pictures quite simply take care of themselves! Those awesome personalities come rolling out, the full on belly laughs appear, and the time is spent literally having a cool date night with your love. Throw in a Canterbury sunset and you have one pretty epic recipe happening right in front of your eyes/lens.

And when the Subject is Lauren & Danny, you’re in for a treat. These two souls fit just so perfectly together. Their love for life and fun is just totally infectious, and with their wedding date planned for spring next year at the awesome Night Yard, we could be treated with another Canterbury sunset amongst the blooming orchards, and one perfect wedding tale, eeeeek!





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