Sunrise Beach Pre-wedding – Georgie & Aedan

Making adventures at dawn on a sun kissed shore

As far as adventures go. There’s little better than a micro-adventure involving an early wake up call, a roasting hot cup of tea (pretty standard), beating the alarm clocks of almost every soul, and headed to one of my favourite beach settings in Folkestone to capture the epic pre-wedding of the lovely Georgie & Aedan.

From the moment you step on this unique beach, you can truly feel the history just oozing through it. From old ship wrecks, pieces of fishing equipment once lost at sea, to fossils nestled deep amongst the landscape. It’s a pretty extraordinary place, and one that is totally spoilt with morning sunrises. This place literally has prime position to soak in those gorgeous golden rays. So when these two lovely souls wanted to capture the start of the wedding journey while dancing amongst those reaching morning rays, with just the sounds of sea as company, I literally couldn’t have jumped any higher… like full excitement mode turned to the max. Roll on to the day itself, and the belly laughs, the sandy feet and windswept hair made left us all feeling that we just wanted to do it all again, and again… and again. These two amazing souls totally lapped up every second, and spending time in their company just watching the love that they have for each other truly was just a total blast to photograph.

That incredible wedding journey really is one unreal adventure and making sure its captured in just the right way, giving space for those amazing personalities and that love to come out naturally and really show in photographs, for me, is what it’s all about every single time, and man I’m so happy we did just that.

Roll on August 2021, we’ve got one heck of a wedding to celebrate!


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