Wye Sunset Pre-wedding – Grace & Tom

Chase the sunset for all it’s worth!

What is it that’s just so awesome about a pre-wedding shoot!? The exploring cool areas without a soul around, yep! The getting to watch a sunset with new friends, yep. But for me, most of all, it’s looking through the lens and watching that wonderful story unfold, and that undoubtable chemistry between two wicked people, that just has to take the prize for sure. So many people believe it’ll be a struggle to land any memorable pictures of them, often because they’ve never been photographed before. Comments like “we’re totally awkward” or “you’re going to have your work cut out here” are a few faves I hear a lot. But what gets so easily forgotten is that amazing underlying chemistry to your amazing relationship together. That bond, the kind where you can make each other laugh from a single look, or how you can make the other feel like a million bucks through one simple gesture, and only you hold that mighty power. It’s pretty damn awesome!! And it’s that power that makes photographing couples just an unbelievable amount of fun every single time!

Now, set the scene with a Wye sunset, overlooking the gorgeous Wye Downs and the south coast of Kent, and that oh-so incredible chemistry that Tom & Grace have, and you’ve got something friggin’ special! A belly laughs galore kinda deal! Who would have thought that a chance encounter at a bar in the seaside town of Folkestone, and the lovely Grace pouring Tom’s drink could lead to something so undeniably meant to be. Supporting each other through life’s challenges, making each other laugh at every turn and generally being the the most epic sidekick they never knew they needed. This was a something real special.

So from a Wye Sunset to their rearranged epic wedding date at one of my favourite venues to photograph next year, at the lovely Secret Garden tucked nicely away in the Kent countryside, these guys are truly spoiling me. This tale has a lot still to be told, and my word the excitement is seriously building! Hurry up 2021!!


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