Countryside Farmhouse Wedding – Megan & Anthony

That oh-so needed summer celebration

When the crazy events of this year hit, and we were reduced to months of lockdown. Actually as I write this, we’re in Lockdown 2.0, but between the two, were small little pockets of calm when restrictions were lifted a little and small yet epic celebrations could happen. And my god, we all needed those moments of joy for sure. Thank goodness for these two!

So, let me introduce you to the wonderful Megan & Anthony! A couple who have farming and a love for the countryside literally coursing through their veins. So when their main wedding plans got postponed because of strict guest numbers, they thought that at the first opening, when restrictions became a little more relaxed, they’d go all in, and share a beautifully intimate celebration with a select few in Megans parents back garden on the outskirts of Canterbury (which was actually the original plan, just wayyy bigger). So with the garden already in bloom and looking stunning, and with gorgeous countryside views sweeping behind the house, the spot was set! And with their carefully selected group of guests all sticking in their own support bubbles, each family group was treated with a gorgeous individually hand packed picnic and bubbly to celebrate with the awesome couple!

Honestly, I could not be happier for Megan & Anthony that they managed to make the official part of their wedding adventure an awesome reality! Through such crazy times, they did it! A moment of joy; cars hooting as they passed (because seeing a wedding almost felt that surreal), laughter at every moment and these guys just so over the moon that even with pesky Covid-19 around, they still managed to all pull together at the last minute and make it happen. Now to try and be patient and wait for 2022, when these guys can see all the wedding restrictions being lifted and they can re-group to celebrate their wedding adventure properly with all their nearest and dearest, it’s going to be wild!


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