Goodnestone Pre-wedding Adventure – Jade & Sam

Filling the countryside with belly laughs

When a pre-wedding tale lands just at the right time. Tucked perfectly in-between lockdowns, and with a serious sense of just wanting to ignore the crappy subject of pandemics for just a few hours, and to head out into the countryside to get back to what we do best, celebrating epic stories together. And my word, for Jade & Sam, it literally was the perfect time for just that!! Their tale has taken them so far already, from creating a beautiful home together, adding their gorgeous little one to the family, to planning the next epic chapter, the Wedding, woop!! Already feeling for them, having to hold off and postpone their stunning seaside wedding located on the beach with all their family and friends, everything was calling for them to take a time-out and enjoy some time together in front of the camera away from it all.

So after having a good recce to find the best spot that I thought would compliment them the best, where we could get away from everything and everyone, along with making the most of that stunning soft autumnal evening light that was predicted, we settled on a spot. A stunning open meadow on the outskirts of Goodnestone, a little Kentish village in the middle of the countryside…. my kinda place! And a place where these two could seriously fool around, laugh damn hard but best all, start to feel super comfy in front of the camera and hanging out with me, ready for next years wedding tale. And it goes without saying, that these two absolutely rocked it as you’ll see. My god, I haven’t laughed that hard in a while, and I’m the one trying so hard to hold the camera steady, ha!

Quite honestly, getting out there and having so much fun together, as well as being such a great moment to document these two and their amazing story… well, it’s the best distraction from all the craziness. Laughter conquers all. Goodnestone pre-weddings are definitely the way to go.


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