The Dreys Autumn Pre-Wedding – Rosie & Dan

Because life is all about dancing amongst the brilliant Autumnal colours!

When life is a little quiet, weddings are pretty much on hold and the world is stuck in a strange kind of limbo, as a wedding photographer, in those moments of quiet, there’s still the opportunity to be blown away with the chance to photograph such unbelievably cool couples, and this is most definitely one of them! Rosie & Dan like so many had planned to get married this year, but of course, with the all the craziness, the inevitable postponement unfortunately happened. So with their original wedding photographer hunkering down with family all the way over in Japan to ride out the storm, they still wanted to find a way to celebrate and document their “would have been” wedding in a style that suited them both down to the ground; With Autumnal colours, their original wedding venue at The Dreys (complete with log cabin and a roaring log fire for the night), and the best spread of food I’ve seen. Through pretty rough times, it’s fair to say that these guys know how to put that all to one side and celebrate their incredible relationship.

From the moment we all arrived at The Dreys, we knew the evening was just meant to be. The torrential rain which had flooded surrounding roads, almost immediately stopped the moment they arrived, giving way to a beautiful soft sunset lighting up the gorgeous woodland autumn colours, pretty dreamy right? And once we had the Prosecco poured, and the tunes playing (fyi…my first time playing music on a shoot, and it’s a game changer), they danced, they laughed, and they loved. The perfect way to put aside the craziness of a year we’re already pretty ready to forget, find solace and celebrate the most important thing…. themselves.

Thank you so much Rosie & Dan for letting me capture such a perfect moment for you both! A total total highlight!!


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