Folkestone Beach Pre-Wedding – Gina & James

Let the waves soothe the soul

Sometimes you just need a series of pictures to transport you back to the soothing warmth of August (it was actually roasting), while we delve into winter with the temperatures plummeting. But better still, two wonderful souls who so wanted to celebrate their postponed wedding by booking in a second adventure to celebrate the original date. I just love it! It feels unreal that we were still experiencing covid back in the warm summer months to be honest, now that it’s hitting winter, but being able to capture these two love each other, their journey through it all together and to just generally go out with the desire to do nothing but have a total blast in and around the cool sea was truly a beautiful thing to capture. Oh… that reminds me, and before I forget, a massive side-note to add on… Gina & James loved the spot and the soothing sounds of the sea so much, they’re actually packing up from city life and moving down to be right beside the seaside town of Folkestone. I mean, does it actually get any cooler than that? The shoot that changed everything… ok I’m bigging this up.

Capturing Gina & James last winter with the early morning chill biting at our fingertips while overlooking the city of Canterbury was an awesome contrast to a morning playing with the waves on a roasting Folkestone beach, and that’s what is always just so awesome; Each and every shoot creates a totally unique story to remember. And although covid has bought so much turmoil to so many, 2020 isn’t totally worth scrubbing from the memory bank. Scratch a little and you’ll be filled with so many beautiful takeaways from it that are totally worth treasuring and will have you smiling in an instant, just like these two have here.

Gina & James, thank you for letting me capture such a memorable moment in your wedding adventure! Not the one you intended but you totally made it one to remember for all the right reasons.


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