Sandwich Wedding Escapism – Sarah & Nick

All you need is love….. and a mask.

What an incredible moment!! Amongst all the crazy goings on, whether it be the subject of an infamous Pandemic, or the darker winter months drawing in, there are moments when the happiest of occasions can literally give that all a mighty kick to the curb for the day.

The lovely Sarah & Nick had already been through quite the wild ride to say the I-do’s. With their main wedding date having already been postponed like so many others, and my word, timing it so perfectly with a strict lockdown being announced for the following day, it made it all the better to see so much happiness!! Passers by on the street doing a double take (complete with a whopping grin) when they realise yep, they really have seen an actual Bride & Groom treading the old historic streets of Sandwich. A moment I won’t forget for a long long time.

And my goodness, a beautifully intimate wedding day really is something so special at the best of times. On top of that, They’d chosen the incredibly historic Guildhall as their cosy venue which has seen past Queens like Elizabeth I, pass through it’s old Oak doors hundreds of years ago, and with just their super close family & friends able to be with them in such a place, and literally all beaming from ear to ear to be part of something that felt so surreal during strange times made it a truly unforgettable moment. Complete with the last rays of the days winter sun gently hitting the quiet town of Sandwich as they said their I’do’s, it felt like the perfect closure to a year I thought I’d never see the likes of.

Nick & Sarah, I’m literally over the moon you were able to get married, and so thankful for being part of it! A huge congratulations!!


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