Crown Lodge Summer Wedding – Georgie & Aedan

“Lifelong promises under golden sunsets”

Ohh, have I been waiting to share this wedding day tale with you for so long!!

From the moment I first got to know these two souls, I could tell I was in for a treat. Then the chance came of photographing them at a perfect sunrise for their pre-wedding shoot.. and, well, it’s still one of my absolute faves. Their wedding adventure was lining up to be something rather special! The two of them are hilarious, care free and just an absolute blast to be around, with their wedding story set to embrace every single bit of just that!

Finding a location that would help you set just the right vibe, alongside embracing and helping tell that story of yours can be quite the struggle. Georgie & Aedan had searched high and low for their perfect spot, to embrace the kind of style they wanted to go for, and were just waiting to find that spot which quite simply, just clicked…. And then there it was; nestled on top of the Wye Downs, overlooking some of the coolest views in the county of Kent, and full of that wild countryside lodge aesthetic they adored. A venue called the Crown Lodge;  a wooden lodge that would be bursting to the seams with their favourite people, amazing grounds which after crossing a kissing gate blend onto the Wye Downs themselves for guests to stroll and soak in the views, and above all else, allow them to share their promises to each other with their pup close by. It was official, they’d found it!

Every wedding day should quite literally be bursting with what you love. It could literally be anything, but if it helps tell that incredible story of yours then you’ve cracked it for sure. These guys had done just that, and first and foremost, spending as much time relaxing with their closest as they possibly could. With guests coming from all over the world, and after some seriously testing times, they wanted to have the cosiest setting and just soak in their company. Alongside being surrounded by an abundance of their favourite foods; from freshly baked cakes from The Lane Bakery, to Hog Roasts out on the grounds, all to be soaked in the warm golden hues of a slowly setting sun.. and a short walk over the downs to really soak it in.. It was the kind of day where you could have been mistaken for thinking you were in some kind of awesome utopia, and these guys deserved just that.

A huge congratulations Georgie & Aedan!! Getting to know you both, be part of your story and to photograph it all at the Crown Lodge has truly been something else!! 


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