East Quay Summer Wedding – Jade & Sam

“An ice cream with a flake and two I-do’s please”

There are few better places to find yourself in the south east coast of Britain, than on a beach. With the sounds of the soft waves rattling against the shingle, along with the synonymous smells of the seaside; the shells washed up onto shore or the fresh fish and chips being cooked up nearby. It’s everything Jade & Sam wanted as a backdrop for their wedding day tale, especially seeing as they both grew up close-by, in the picturesque town of Whitstable

Jade & Sams story goes back a long way and boy have they been through a whole bunch together to get to this point, from first glances across a Whitstable pub, to recently finding their dream home and even their very own little one to be able to share the day with them, it’s been quite the journey for them. And after going through so much uncertainty with a national pandemic doing it’s best to put a giant wench into the best laid plans, it was just unbelievable to see these two quite simply over the moon and loving life together! It’s the kind of day you’re literally waiting super impatiently to photograph too… I mean, to be fair, that’s most wedding days, but when your inner-self just gently reminds you of all the different elements, well, it kinda builds it up even more!!! 

Like so many couples, due to one thing and another, they have had to wait oh-so patiently for their wedding day. With a whole bunch of rescheduling involved for Jade & Sam to deal with. Yes there has most definitely been a lot of frustration along the way, maybe even some tears and off the chart anxiety with every painful government Covid announcement that was made, but I think they’d agree with me, that it made the day feel that bit more sweeter when it finally arrived, and arrive with a bang it definitely did.

They had chosen a beautiful venue called The East Quay which, nestled so perfectly away from the hustle and bustle of the middle of the Town’s centre, but perfectly located on the very edge of what felt like a totally exclusive. All those incredible beach sensations were right at your fingertips. It’s strange, with that perfect setting at the East Quay, there always comes moments in the day when you kinda just have to step back a little as a photographer to relish just how incredible the scene in front of you actually is; The guests having celebrated the promises these two made, relaxing on the beach together, ice creams in hand, the ripples of laughter from every corner, the golden haze of a slowly setting sun and literally nothing but a sense of pure happiness, it’s quite something!


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