Sussex Vineyard Wedding – Jenny & John

Plump grapes and big promises

The ‘Wedding day”, thankfully is changing a ton. It was always something that hit me from the moment I wanted to capture couples incredible stories, just how much of a set structured timeline exists and is kinda expected. Thankfully *breathes a sigh of relief*,  it’s being realised that you can truly have a day shaped anyway you like. To encapsulate everything you both love as a couple! So when John & Jenny first got in touch describing their serious love for wines and food… (John even had a glass in hand at lunch, and chatted about that vintage on our first Zoom call. Love it!) and how much they wanted to share that love with their friends and family while making such a big commitment to each other. Well, it kinda described what a moment of this importance should be all about.

John & Jenny had picked one of their favourite wineries as the location; Tillingham Winery deep in the Sussex countryside. They had thrown out the standard wedding timeline blueprint and made it the most relaxed day you could dream up, and it really reflected in the vibe. From guests meeting up earlier at the vineyard before the wedding to indulge in an early lunch of stone baked pizzas and goodies, to post ceremony wine tasting overlooking the vineyards as far as the eye could see and on into the evening, nope not with dancing, but you guessed it, more incredible food and their own selection of wine. Even with homemade sourdough as favours… these guys knew how to do it.

The winery oozed a sense of calm. With sheep and pigs giving a countryside backing soundtrack along with all the laughter, which the wine obviously helped with, and then there are the views; endless lines of beautiful vineyards eventually merging in East Sussex countryside as far as the eye can see. it really felt like everyone could step away from the busy goings on of life, and could just step and focus on nothing else but these two awesome souls. 

Being part of incredible stories like this truly makes the heart feel so damn full. Seeing a couple really enjoy the process of making one of the biggest days of their lives, full of nothing but what brings them incredible joy that they want to share with their closest. It’s quite a thing!

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