Night Yard Spring Wedding-Lauren & Danny

‘Blossom & Champagne’

There’s little better than springtime is there? With the blossom in the apple orchards screaming out for your attention, the beaming sun giving everyone a welcome bit of warmth after the bitter winter air, and of course those amazing longer lasting evenings, what’s better than that!? But wait, include one incredible wedding story at the Night Yard, that’s been put on ice for a whole year, and then we truly have something super special on our hands!

Lauren & Danny, like so many, had been through it all, the desperation for it all to go ahead back on its original date, the genuine addiction to looking at Covid rates and government rules, yeah it was a sketchy time. But to be able to throw all that behind you, have no restrictions and lap up each and every second of their wedding day…. Well, I feel it was just so deserved! 

They had chosen the stunning Night Yard to host it all, based just outside my home town of Canterbury. A gorgeous old renovated working farm, with its farmyard quirks still there to see, surrounded by orchards of all varieties and what feels like space amongst the countryside which is all yours, something these two so desperately wanted. 

So weirdly, and thanks to the slight crappy pandemic, in an odd way, it actually had one or two silver linings attached.. Yeah I’m totally discounting the fact weddings have had to be cancelled. But selfishly, the main one being that, with it being two years since I shot their pre-wedding, and with the amount of emails, calls and coffee we’ve had together, they have become good friends as well as clients. And like with so many, when that happens, you can truly have just so much fun with it! Belly laughs galore, the feeling of being free and able to experiment a little, and I guess just feeling more like a guest than just a photographer, it’s a total game changer for us photogs. A pretty damn magical time! 

Lauren & Danny, this wedding adventure of yours was something I won’t forget for a long time!! You’ve set the bar as to how much I thought you could laugh on a wedding day, ha!! Here’s to one incredible life together!


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