Hayne House Summer Wedding – Katie & Jack

‘French Fancies & Summer Sun’

There’s something pretty cool about blogging! It kinda gives you the opportunity to look back and delve in a lot deeper into some of your favourite wedding stories. And this one from the late summer of last year in 2022 was definitely one of those very days; Nestled deep in the farmland and orchards of Kent, just a few minutes from the sounds of the English channel, is the quiet, serene location of Hayne House. An old summer house to a few of the royals. But now on occasions like this, put to better use, and a stunning backdrop, with gardens blooming with colour, and a setup that just feels so well designed to host epic stories like these. Surrounded by tall pines that give you the real feeling of exclusivity. I just love this spot!

Talking about stories, my god, did Katie & Jack have quite the one to tell. Simply put, they’re quite the power couple. Absolute lovers of music and travel, and has taken them on some mighty adventures throughout their life together. But the best bit for me personally, their wicked sense of humour together which made photographing them just a crazy amount of fun. I swear I need to include that as a must have, ha!

Weddings themselves are such a personal thing, and there’s no right or wrong way of doing one to be honest. But the most important thing, I believe, is getting away from that infamous cookie cutter wedding template, that seems to have been engrained on the wedding industry for years, and getting down to creating wedding days that encompass who YOU truly are as a couple! Your loves, your tastes, your story, making it utterly yours, and being able to share that unique moment with the people who you absolutely adore. And did these two do just that!? From a giant post dinner Cricket match, to giant French Fancy wedding cakes! This was undoubtably theirs! Selfishly for me, throw in some portraits around a beautifully setting sun, giving us all kinds of beautiful flare and a dance floor being hit pretty damn hard and as a photographer you’re pretty much utterly spoiled, and coming away with a Dick van Dyke-esque kick in your heels.

Guys, simply put, you rock!!


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