The Plough Countryside Wedding – Georgia & Tom

‘Searing golden sunsets and countryside pubs’

There’s something wonderfully magical about a wedding day buzz; the nerves, the excitement, and just that hum of pure joy! It’s without a doubt, one of the aspects that makes you so damn happy/feel lucky to be photographing it all! I mean, this, doubled up with the relationship you get with growing close with the couple through the wedding planning journey, sharing and watching the excitement just grow and grow over a long ol’ time! And then seeing it all come together so perfectly, well, it’s just unbeatable!

So to give you a little background, and to get the wedding day adventure started, Georgia had chosen to get ready in a lovely B&B, hiring out the entire place, giving them all the room they needed to be able to relax on the morning of. With the day moving onto a gorgeous old countryside pub named The Plough, far enough outside the nearby towns to have you feeling like you were deep in the Kent countryside. With the ceremony happening inside, they had incredible floral setups created by Salad Studios, and kinda wanted it to feel like they were bringing some of that summer colour indoors when the wedding party needed to venture inside. And add onto that, incredible food always on the go, and basically a funfair, full of the classic outdoor games outside that their guests could attempt with a champagne glass in one hand, and a slider in the other, there’s little more a human needs to be honest.

With the summer sun giving these two one of those truly memorable searing summer days, you could just feel that that we were going to be in for an absolute treat! And without describing the obvious, there are just so many little things from days like these that make you literally feel all warm and fuzzy; The excited hum of all their closest hanging out in the gardens of their idyllic countryside spot. The quite frankly ridiculous golden evening light we were treated with, piercing through any gap in the trees it could find, and making picture taking just sumptuous. But the best bit, and and excuse this being crazy cheesy, but seeing Georgia & Tom literally beaming the whole day through was just something else. I mean I’m not going to lie both of these two have killer grins, and seeing them and the rest of their closest just so over the moon, stress free and able to soak in each and every ounce of the day is what it’s all about for me.

The lesson from that… It’s easy for people to get so wrapped up and concentrate on specific minute details that cause all kinds of crappy stress. But truly, all the best celebrations, just like this one, involve just stripping it all back and creating a genuine space where you and your closest can feel super comfy. Those awesome meaningful connections and moments will follow, and everyone, including the couple can just totally be themselves and have a blast celebrating. And my god, these guys achieved exactly that! A huge congratulations guys!!


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