Secret Garden Autumn Wedding – Holly & Sam

“I want that trophy, so dance good” – Mia Wallace

Thankfully, being a wedding photographer puts you in the path of meeting, and truly getting to know some utterly incredible souls! Like bowl you over, “how the heck am I lucky enough to be working with these people”… kinda incredible! And these two are just that! From virtually meeting on Zoom calls with a beer, to belly laughs echoing in a woodland pre-wedding shoot, the excitement to capturing their story was ramping up very nicely. And oh my word, did it not disappoint! Probably the under statement of the century right there, but I’ll let the joy in their pictures do the talking for this one.

Holly & Sam kinda wanted to break the mould a little and get out of their home county of Hartfordshire, to find something that was a little more ‘them’. That’s the thing with weddings, you can find yourself getting caught up in the whole, “is this going to be easy to drive to for guests” kinda thing as well as limiting yourself to whatever is nearby. Sometimes even throwing in the towel and saying “that’ll do”. But, no! Don’t throw the towel, throw all those worries out the door, and you can find some seriously awesome gems that’ll better fit you and how you want to tell your story! Crikey, that unintentionally sounded like an ultimately cheesy type of advertisement right there. But truly, they did just that! They found one of my absolute fave spots, The Secret Garden, near Ashford. What used to be an old Coach House attached to a nearby Manor is now a gorgeous space with these gorgeous gardens that (no kidding), I could honestly spend the entire day photographing. Blooming flowers of so many varieties, bushes of fresh raspberries, all in an old walled garden space. Have that surrounding all the happiness and love oozing from a wedding day and you’ve got something so special!

So seeing these two create a space that brought everything they love, and sharing that with the people they love is such a wonderfully special thing to document! From getting ready in beautiful countryside spots with their closest, giving the day a beuatifully relaxed beginning, to seeing the joy form everyone, as they recreated the epic Pulp Fiction dance scene as their first dance together, and of course, what seemed an endless supply of epic food! This was day that oozed happiness in the best way possible! And the biggest compliment of all was being the lucky one to document it all! This was special!


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