Summer Wedding Celebration – Forest & Zak

‘Fresh strawberries and confetti’

Oh boy, where to even begin with this epic story!? Truly!! Two of the sweetest, kind-hearted souls you’re ever likely to meet and really get to know! And to see the infamous pandemic literally smash its way into their wedding plans like so many others, was just absolutely rubbish! But finally, almost two years after getting the official part (signing paperwork) all sorted in the middle of that first lockdown with just a few of their closest, and a fish & chip lunch on the beach (still pretty damn perfect), they were finally able to celebrate their commitment properly, and boy, was it sheer perfection!

Forest & Zak had chosen to host it all on the rural family farm hidden away amongst acres and acres of private countryside. I’m serious, as a documentary wedding photographer (that was for you Google), I genuinely couldn’t believe my eyes. And then I heard those magic words so many of us photographers who adore exploring just love to hear “you have total free reign, use wherever you like”. I mean, there are dream scenarios and there’s this! With beautiful wild meadows as far as they eye could see (complete with wandering cows) ancient woodland where the two of them loved to spend time and forage, and a beautiful rustic barn bursting with homemade food. This was what they’d had their hearts set on for so long. No stress, no worries, just pure calm the whole day through. So to see a celebration like this finally happen for them really did feel quite emotional for all their select friends and family travelling in from all across the globe!

It’s just so great to see, when so many souls have been through such a ride with the unexpected pandemic causing absolute havoc; having a planned celebration like this be nothing but pure bliss! They were even spoiled with some of the most beautiful weather the summer had to offer, something the two of them truly felt so grateful for! And with all the guests being able to enjoy a nice slow walk back from the woodland ceremony, through the golden fields, they could all just hangout, playing massively competitive games of rounders, munching on bowls of handpicked mouthwatering strawberries and enjoying Zaks now locally famous Kombucha… I hope that’s a good solid plug for you there Zak 😉

But wow, being part of their story, beginning oh-so many years ago, really has been one of the biggest privileges! Helping them through the whirlwind, then seeing it all pan out so perfectly, and finally….. FINALLY, seeing these new friends of mine enjoy reliving it all again and again through their pictures. It makes the heart feel so damn full!


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