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Each and every wedding story is so incredibly unique and how you want to celebrate and tell that wonderful tale is so personal. From the time of year, to the people involved and of course the awesome location. And oh man, Kent is bursting with so many incredible venues that we’re lucky to take advantage of. Whether it’s tucked away in some seriously stunning woods in the middle of the countryside or located right outside one of the stunning towns such as Canterbury, Maidstone etc. We’ve got pretty much everything from old rustic barns, newly renovated farmyards, woodland hideaways to spots perched on one of the stunning coastlines. Crikey, I feel like I’m seriously preaching about Kent wedding venues here, but from just writing this, it really does make me realise how lucky and totally spoiled we are.

I know first hand that picking the right spot to tell your beautiful story is such a mighty big decision, so making sure it ticks all the personal boxes of yours is a must, so I hope this blog and list of venues (in no particular order) really does helps. I’ve personally photographed at so many of these amazing venues so if you fancy asking any questions about them or my thoughts on them then don’t hesitate to contact me anytime. I’m here to help.

Although this is a mighty big list, I’m sure I must be missing one or two so if you do think of one that you think could be added then do feel free to leave me a comment.

So here we go, and once you’ve read the little description on each, click on the venue name which doubles as a link to either a blog post of mine from a wedding at that amazing spot, or through to their very own website, enjoy:

Top 25 Best Kent Wedding Venues:

  1. The Night Yard.

A gorgeous renovated Farm that has both a fresh new indoor space that opens to its real selling point, an enclosed outdoor space, beyond that, orchards, wild meadows and countryside as far as the eye can see.

  1. Winters Barns.

Located just outside the City of Canterbury. This stunning barn gives you all the countryside feels. A cosy wooden interior with hops freely wrapped around many of the beams and both indoor and outdoor ceremony options within the stunning grounds.

  1. Ferry House Inn.

You wanted to escape to the middle of the countryside right? Without another soul around apart from your guests and the best sunsets going by the waters edge, and with hearty food to warm the soul. This is one awesome spot.

  1. Marleybrook House.

A beautiful space for a wedding that, wait for it, has its own vintage funfair. Yep, it’s a blast! Set amongst the quiet bliss of Kents countryside with a dash of woodland thrown in for good measure.

  1. The Secret Garden. 

Based just outside of Ashford. This gorgeous old Coach House boasts some of my fave gardens to shoot in any time of the year, an amazing outdoor ceremony space along with a greenhouse for intimate ceremonies, and of course with its signature food.

  1. The Dreys.

This beautiful countryside retreat has you feeling about as removed from busy everyday life as it gets. Intricately lit paths through the woods take you and your guests through to the amazing venue itself. Camping, fire pits, one for you outdoor countryside lovers.

  1. The Blue Pigeons.

One of Kent wedding venues hidden gems, and I’m sure not for long. A beautiful boutique hotel that’s totally exclusive. Great hosts, unreal food and perfect for smaller wedding parties looking for a more intimate setting.

  1. Old Kent Barn.

A gorgeous old barn with a modern open plan interior that can host some pretty big numbers. With a lovely garden space for guests to hang out together usually full of stunning blooms, and tucked amongst some of Kents best countryside.

  1. Preston Court.

This amazing eclectic old Barn finds itself perfectly tucked away in a historic private country estate that oozes a cosy atmosphere, including a very cool photogenic victorian carousel, onsite Glamping and a host of unique spots to host your memorable ceremony.  

  1. Hayne House.

Kent’s bursting with stunning countryside estates oozing with history and this is definitely one to take note of (note the picture above the stair case if you get a chance). An exclusive spot perched on the hills not far from the sea with its new orangery and pristine, this is a cool one.

  1. Reach Court Farm.

I shot here for the first time back in 2019 and couldn’t believe I’d never come across it before. Set a short drive from Dover & Deal with some of the best surroundings and with Spitfires flying over regularly in the summertime. A kind of amphitheater space where all the guests can relax giving it a really relaxed vibe.

  1. Wilderness Weddings.

You want the outdoors, guests walking across open meadows to a tipi reception surrounding a gorgeous lake and a boat house ceremony space. A refreshing space to escape it all.

  1. Mount Ephraim.

This gorgeous old grand house location just outside of Canterbury. With a more grand/older interior and gardens that will literally blow anyone away, there are so many hidden nooks to explore for pictures!

  1. East Quay.

Located right on the shore in the seaside town of Whitstable. This old Lobster shack has been turned into one idyllic seaside shack and they certainly know how to throw a wedding.. Oh, and their epic fish & chips are to die for!

  1. Swarling Manor.

You’d never know it’s there, this lovely country house nestled in a stunning valley and surrounded by incredible meadows as far as they eye can see. Perfect for outdoor ceremonies and larger wedding numbers.

  1. Crown Lodge.

Perched high up overlooking the Wye Downs Nature reserve, this venue has a cool wooded aesthetic and perfect for slightly smaller guest numbers.

  1. The Gardens, Yalding.

A venue that along with its cool tipis and a more modern indoor space, literally has some of the best manicured gardens to use for an outdoor ceremony space in the warmer months and of course for those awesome portraits of yours.

  1. Port Lympne.

Guys, we have a zoo, and one with the best intentions of rescuing and re-releasing back into the wild, and you can have you wedding amongst it, complete with possible safari tours with your guests, I’ll just leave that right there.

  1. Leeds Castle.

One of Kent’s best known & most picturesque Castles, and as you’ll see from my blog post by hitting the link, it has an exclusive space right next to the Castle itself and with full use of the amazing grounds if needed, it was a lot of fun shooting here and pretty damn jaw dropping.

  1. The Orangery.

This stunning space is located just outside of Maidstone. Great indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces and boasts one of the most idyllic gardens, perfect for your guests spilling out of the orangery who want to relax next the river with a beverage or two.

  1. Solton Manor.

A country house, tucked just outside of Dover, and a newly renovated reception space with rustic vibes that blend in perfectly with the epic amount of countryside surrounding it.

  1. Knowlton Court.

If we’re going for a country manor wow factor, then this is it. Perched around 20mins outside of Canterbury. Whether planning on using the grand house or the nearby meadow for a marquee, this place has the wow factor. The meadow also boasts the perfect spot from some unreal sunsets.

  1. Hever Castle. 

An idyllic castle which is guaranteed to drop the jaw, and located in some of the most well looked after gardens you’re ever likely to find. This was where Anne Boleyn grew up way back when. With the added option of an outdoor ceremony space overlooking the boating lake, this is a pretty magical spot to say the least.

  1. Bradbourne House.

Another one of Kents stunning country houses.. man, this county is just bursting with them. Located in West Malling that boasts some gorgeous interiors and stunning french doors that open up to their beautifully exclusive grounds. 

  1. The Bull Hotel.

An old pub converted to a little boutique venue and restaurant. This hidden spot tucked away in a little village oozes character and is just a short drive away from some of the best views you’ll find around.


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